Finding Solutions to Cut Cost is Our AIM
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Our innovatitve house arrest solutions just keep getting better.  In just a few months we will have available, house arrest with
real time alcohol monitoring and drug monitoring as well!!  All in one unit!! What better way to cut down on the continuious cost
of drug testing your offenders... Save time and money with this great new house arrest development..
ActSoft™ has developed an Active GPS Tracking solution to provide continuous and timely visibility to Offenders locations
anytime, anywhere on any day. Unlike traditional Passive GPS tracking technology, there is no need to rely upon a landline
telephone to check in with a Case Officer or insert a Transmitter in to a Home Monitoring Device. The ActSoft™ solution is totally

The Aim solution is designed to be a very cost effective alternative to the high costs associated with incarceration. The issue of
overcrowded Prisons and Jails can place a tremendous financial burden on the general public. The AIM program was developed
and deployed to provide Agencies in the House Arrest Industry with alternatives that enable them to:

Offer Cost Effective Alternatives to Overcrowding Prisons and Jails
Reduce Labor Costs of Overtime and New Officers
Reduce Costs of building new Prisons and Jails
Reduce Public Tax Burden by allowing Offenders to work and pay for Electronic Monitoring Costs

The most advanced Active Systems use GPS to monitor the Offender 24 hours per day

Leverage the Advantages of Active GPS with Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for a Few Dollars a Day
The application consists of four independent components that are all integrated to deliver a comprehensive solution to its target customers:

Patented Bluetooth Alcohol Sensor Ankle Bracelet
Bluetooth Enabled Wireless Handset
Wireless Network for Data Transmission
Software Application

The ActSoft™ Software Application is designed to operate on Motorola’s Bluetooth enabled handsets and the Sprint Nextel iDEN
wireless network. ActSoft™ Software enables the wireless handset to interact with the Bluetooth Ankle Bracelet worn by various offenders and
individuals on probation.

The Ankle Bracelet functions as an independent ancillary device and is integrated with the Sprint Nextel wireless network via ActSoft™ Software
downloaded to the wireless handsets.

The software utilizes Bluetooth technology as the primary communications protocol between the handset and the ankle bracelet.

The ActSoft™ Software is designed such that the Wireless handset serves as the Primary communications device and the Bluetooth Ankle
Bracelet operates as a Secondary device. This configuration indicates that the wireless handset is responsible for locating, establishing and
maintaining a connection with the Bluetooth Ankle Bracelet.

As the Primary device, the wireless handset must continue to query the ankle bracelet to determine if its location is within Range. Based on the
current level of Bluetooth in the Ankle Bracelet, the Bluetooth Range is approximately 30 feet. Each Ankle Bracelet has a unique 12-character
Bluetooth address that allows the ActSoft™ Software to locate each bracelet.

During the initial installation of the ankle bracelet, the technology establishes the offender’s baseline levels for various sensor items, including:

Ethanol Level to monitor Alcohol Consumption
Body Mass to determine Tamper Events
Infra Red to determine Tamper Events
Temperature to monitor changes in body Temperature
Battery Level to monitor charging requirements

Following baseline configurations, the application requests the status of the sensors on the Bracelet. One of the main features of
the Bracelet is the built in alcohol sensor, which detects traces of Ethanol in a person based on their alcohol consumption. This is an innovative
feature that differentiates ActSoft’s™ solution from most competitors. Agency personnel can re-configure the sensors remotely from ActSoft™,
Inc’s Graphical User Interface. This saves the agency time and money. Furthermore, this solution has the ability to provide a voice alert to the
offender when the battery needs to be recharged.

The ActSoft™ Software also has the ability to store events and alerts in a history file. Agency personnel will be alerted when an offender steps
out of range or violates a condition set by personnel (e.g. a pedophile cannot go within 2000 feet of a school or mall).

Normally, there are multiple offenders within the agency’s House Arrest Program all with different specifications and conditions. With the
ActSoft™ solution, personnel can customize and configure program parameters that meet the specific terms and conditions of the offender’s
House Arrest mandate. This cutting edge solution will provide Agency personnel with all the necessary information needed to keep offenders
abiding by the law.

ActSoft™ has a very User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides the core technology to manage, monitor and control their overall
Electronic Monitoring Program. In addition to the User Interface, Field Officers and Case Workers have the ability to track offenders on the
handset with the Officer View, including the Offender’s historical breadcrumb. With this near real-time data, the Field Officers are aware of the
offenders’ whereabouts at all times.

In addition, the reporting feature illustrates all automatic arrivals and departures from Inclusion and Exclusion Zones for each offender displaying
date, time and location of the event.